Commonly Used Types Of Lanyards In Offices

There are many types of lanyards available on the market. Some of these are designed for specific users in schools, offices or advertisement campaigns. Lanyards come with different features, some of them are retractable which makes them perfect for people who need to use their cards and IDs frequently. While other types of lanyards can be very helpful when used for carrying USBs.

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Following are some types of lanyards that are commonly used in offices:

1. Polyester Lanyard

The most commonly used type of lanyard in offices is the one made from polyester. This is because an image, logo or tagline can easily be printed on this material making these lanyards relatively economical in price. For this type of lanyard, you should go with screen printing as the design is printed with precision and is very clear. Most offices have polyester lanyards with screen printed logos or taglines on them.

2. Nylon Lanyard

If you want to have the best quality product for customers and employees then go with nylon lanyards. These are super smooth, tough and shiny. They have the perfect surface for highly detailed printing of images, taglines and logos. This type of lanyard has a shine which makes it stand out. Most branded lanyards are made from nylon.

3. Woven Lanyard

Another type of lanyard that is commonly used in office settings is the woven lanyard. These types of lanyards have a logo or tagline stitched instead of printed. As these are woven, basic designs are used and not many colours or details are added. Companies with complex logos are advised not to use this type of lanyard.

Apart from these, you can also use tubular ones for your office.