Type Of Beach Clothes For Women

Courtesy: Pinterest

Summers are officially about to begin in Australia and this means just one thing, BEACH! Nothing excites us more than to think about open beaches, sunny afternoons and sipping down on mojitos. However, one important thing that bugs us women the most is the kind of clothes that we would be wearing.

Although everyone’s first instinct is to wear a bikini but we believe that there are so many other options to choose from. Here are some beach clothing options for women:

  • Swimsuit

Yes, we know we said there are plenty other options, but we had to start with a swimsuit as it is the beach that we are talking about. Pair a high waist bikini bottom with a bow tie bra. Trust us you will look super cute and thank us later.

  • Cover ups

Cover ups are probably the cutest thing that you can wear to a beach. These look cute and keep things sultry at the same time. You can choose form an array of sarongs, tunics, maxi dresses and caftans.

  • Shorts with crop tops

These look girly and beach appropriate. Embrace the loose style as they can be an excellent pairing for beachside games.

  • Accessorize

Accessories are your best friends so don’t shy away from them. No, we aren’t suggesting that you get your bling on. Simply pair your outfit with sun glasses or a hat.

Swimwear brands Australia wide are known to be durable and reliable. So if you are purchasing anything from these venders, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.